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About IT
Dam diary
Walking days
Hamachan’s workshop

About Hamachan’sHome Page

 We enjoy IT, love dams, strolling, making things, and looking for interesting things. This is a site where I always find something interesting and introduce it to you.

About IT

 With the motto of “Using IT to make everyone more convenient and happy”, I will introduce my enjoyment of IT.
I will try to make this site a place where people who want to do something about IT but don’t know what to do can get some hints.

About the Dam

 A dam! It is a huge artificial structure that suddenly appears in the midst of nature. Its marriage of nature and man-made objects. I, Hama-chan, fascinated by such dams, would like to introduce my relationship with dams.

About Walking

 When you take a walk through old streets, you may encounter old wisdom. A walk in nature will bring you into conversation with your own mind. Seeing unusual scenery will give you a different way of thinking. Here are some recommendations for walking.

Hamachan’s Workshop

 To create is to think. As “craftsmen,” we create what comes to mind.