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About the appeal of snowshoeing

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Chausuyama, located on the border of Aichi Prefecture, is recommended as a snowshoe course!

First, let’s talk about location.

It is located on the border of Aichi and Nagano prefectures, about 2 hours from Nagoya and Hamamatsu.
Chausuyama is the only ski resort in Aichi Prefecture.

I brought along the SORACOM GPS Multi-Unit with me this time.
It is a machine that can measure GPS information, temperature, humidity, acceleration, etc.

Climb from the parking lot in the middle of Chausuyama Kogen ski resort.


Continue through the snowfield.

The snow is deep and the directional signs are pretty much buried.

250m to the summit. This is not a great distance for a normal walker, but the trail is deep in snow.

Even a small flight of stairs is difficult to climb when there is snow on the ground, so we climbed up them while making snow stairs with the toes of our snowshoes.

We are almost at the summit.

The summit of the mountain.

Cup Ramen in the Sky

and when you eat cup ramen at the top of the mountain, please use this hashtag!

I stepped through it without thinking. I was buried roughly up to my knees.

If there was no snow, I wouldn’t get lost, but there is so much snow that I get lost easily, so I appreciate these signs.

The road leading to the road continues ahead.